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Do you need professional advice how to build steel, timber or concrete constructions?

Do you need to strengthen walls, roof or floors?

We are here to help you find the best solution to design new and strengthen existing structures. Our Team can prepare design drawings and calculations to check stability of steel, portal frames, warehouses, columns, trusses and lattice towers. KEMSTRUCT  team can check and design for you reinforced concrete foundations, columns, slabs, stairs, timber structures and many more, that you need.

We can check in detail any steel and concrete parts using Finite Element Analysis.

We have a professional Team and software to create projects with the best quality and solution.


Bungalow interior design 3.jpg

Would you like to build your own house or extension and you have Architectural drawing, but you still need to check if it is stable?

Do you need shop and manufacture drawings or detailed design of steel, timber or concrete structures?

Do you want to remove or add walls in your home but you are not sure if it will work?

Do you need to make a survey of your house to fit your new kitchen or put new flooring?

Do you want to rent or sale your home and you want to show floor plan for your Client?

Do not worry. We can check stability of your house and make a design to remove existing walls, put additional lintel to make wider door or design new room. We will find perfect solution for you and give an advise. Even if you need only to see a new plan of your house or part of it. 

We will create 3D model with short movie to show you how it will look in reality.

KEMSTRUCT can survey the building and draw floor plans, elevations and sections to fit your needs. 

We are a structural engineers and designers. This allow us to make cost effective and  safe in use projects.

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Did you buy a new house or flat?

Do you think your current home or office need some refresh?

Maybe your Company wish to cooperate with Us?

We know that small changes in your home can make you feel better, so we can fit the project to your bespoke needs. We understand how important your living place is and we will prepare for you a design to show final results. It doesn't matter if it is a kitchen or bathroom. Anything that you wish to change can be a part of project, which our Team will prepare for you.

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