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Structural Calculations

KEMSTRUCT Ltd is a professional Structural Engineering Consultancy. We have 10 years experience in residential, industrial, telecommunication, high voltage power lines and oil industries. Our Team can provide detailed design, manufacturing and planning drawings with calculations. 

We already made calculations and design for:

  • Industrial 200 m long transport gallery truss structure with 36 m high loading station for cooper concentrate with reinforced concrete foundations on 12 m long piles.

  • Retaining walls to protect against oil spillage from silos.

  • Steel supports for oil pipes on concrete root foundations.

  • Platforms and walkways in a busy industrial oil area.

  • Reinforced concrete foundations for engines located withing oil industrial area.

  • Lattice towers up to 45 m high for High Voltage power line system with reinforced concrete foundations.

  • Lattice towers and Monopoles up to 35 m for Telecommunication industry with reinforced concrete foundations. General Design Check and new sites.

  • Warehouse steel constructions of roof, beams and columns with reinforced concrete foundations.

  • Steel trusses for buildings.

  • Reinforced concrete slabs and columns for magazine halls with wooden roof construction on reinforced concrete foundations.

  • Residential buildings with wooden roof, reinforced concrete slabs and foundations with masonry walls.

  • Many of steel and reinforced concrete lintels, beams, slabs, stairs, floors, foundations and columns for buildings.

  • Loft conversions.

  • And many more structures.

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